About Us

Company Status

BERNABE CONSTRUCTION & INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION (of Asia) is classified by the PHILIPPINE CONTRACTORS ACCREDITATION BOARD (PCAB) as Category ‘AAA’ with General Building as principal classification. Other classifications are General Engineering and Specialty on Steel Fabrication – Erection Works, Mechanical Works, and Fire Protection Works.

Due to unexpected upsurge of project inputs of the year 1996, with an increase of more than fifty percent (50%) in the work loads as compared to year 1995, BCICA believes the inevitable growth of construction endeavor with an increasing trend is indicative of better prospects in the contracting business on the start of this year and the years to follow; hence, has increase its Authorized Capital Stock from P5,000,000.00 to P100,000,000.00. Aware of the recent progressing developments in the country’s economy and better opportunities in the private construction sector, BCICA aims to develop its outreach to cater more service and to strengthen its position to create more employment opportunities for the Filipino people.

Brief History

November 18, 1960 witnessed the beginning of BERNABE CONSTRUCTION & INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION (of Asia). Formerly known as F. BERNABE & SONS, and located in a modest office and plant in Roosevelt Avenue, Quezon City. The corporation dealt mainly with metal and wood products, specializing in the manufacture of furniture and fixtures for office and school, and coaches for cinema houses.

Its products were combined with international concepts, as well as its own functional invention, developed and designed by its founder that suited the particular need of the clients. Its pioneering clients were mostly colleges and universities like Saint Joseph College, Manuel L. Quezon University, Santa Scholastica College, University of Santo Tomas, De La Salle University, University of the East, Stella Maris College, and Ateneo de Manila University, to name a few. As a result of its quality workmanship, service and innovative designs thus, in the span of three years after its founding, the corporation underwent tremendous growth and expansion.

With the expanded activities of oil companies in the Philippines, the corporation extended its business lines to meet the needs of such companies like Esso (now Petron), Mobil, Shell, and Caltex. These companies placed continuous orders for dispensing pumps, underground tanks, terminal bulk storage tanks, piping installations, and other allied products and services.

Not long after, expansion in the operations of sugar industries followed suit. The corporation, ever sensitive to the development in national progress, became an active participant and contributed immensely to the accelerated growth of the industry. With the corporation’s inherent pioneering spirit, innovation, and creativity, other industries such as mining, cement, pulp and paper, agriculture, and food became part of the growing list of customers whose demands for quality, precision, functional design, time management and contract schedule are of utmost consideration and continuing objectives.

In 1964, in order to accommodate the increasing demand for its products and services, the corporation moved its plant in Valenzuela City. Today, its plant is a beehive of activities with jobs being handled by highly-skilled manpower, supervisors, engineers, and professionals to ensure its strict adherence to work specifications, schedules, and systems.

To complete its expanded operations and upgrading of its products, the corporation acquired bigger and more sophisticated machineries from world renowned brands.

Today, it has indeed established an enviable record of outstanding achievements in the field of general construction, project engineering management, fabricator of cement, sugar, and mining equipment and facilities, construction of waste water plant and facilities, pressure vessels, and other allied products and services.

For half a century of existence, the corporation followed a paradigm of growth with direction, guided on its vision and commitment of a world-class quality contractor.


Our Mission

The BERNABE CONSTRUCTION & INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION (of Asia) has proven a great deal of trust to our Customers. We have the following Mission Statement:

  • With high moral values and fairness;
  • Continuing professional growth and development;
  • Maintain as being dependable and capable Contractor;
  • To serve local and foreign markets with equal world-class quality and service; and
  • Loyal and fair to our Clients.

Our Vision

The Corporation has envisioned the development of people properly motivated in the areas of responsibilities and operations.

To maintain the standards of the Corporation on its international quality of works and services.

Our Commitment

Progress through achievements and integrity.


Line of Works

  • General Construction – roads, highways, bridges, buildings, site development, etc.
  • General steel fabrication.
  • Car Assembly/Manufacturing Equipment – Painting Oven and booth, Electro-Deposit Coating Line, Assembly Line and others.
  • Elevated, Underground and Surface Storage Tanks for water, oil, gas, chemicals, molasses and pressurized vessels all according to ASME Code, Sec. VIII and API 650 Standards.
  • Design and Fabrication of Sugar Process Equipment – SRI Clarifier, Evaporator, Juice Heater, Vacuum Pan, Crystallizer, Mill Installation, Massecuite Reheater.
  • Conveyors – Belt, Screw Conveyor, Bucket elevator, Sugar intermediate main cane carrier and Auxiliary Chain Cane Carriers Cement, Mining, Paper mills, among others.
  • Pressure Vessels, Atmospheric Tanks, Floating Roof and Telescopic Tanks.
  • Steel forms (Moulds) for Pre-Cast and Pre-stressed concrete.
  • Bottling – Bottle Washer Carriers (Soaker).
  • Bailey Bridges and accessories.
  • Steel Towers and Structural Steel for building, factories and warehouses.
  • Dam and Irrigation facilities – Penstocks, dam and irrigation gates and accessories.
  • Water and Sewage Treatment Facilities – Purifier, Clarifier, Water Softeners, Stainless Blending and Settling Tanks, etc.
  • Sugar Mills and Mining equipment and facilities.
  • Hydraulic Tilting Platforms/Truck Dumpers up to 100 tons.
  • Cane Gantry and other loading /transloading facilities.
  • ON and OFF the road (Farm and Highway) Trailers – Tanks, Bulk Sugar Trailers, Molasses, etc.
  • Farm implements – Harrows, Plows, Tractor attachments and other allied implements.
  • Rail Box cars, Steel Rail Ties and Cane Containers.
  • Foundry works and machine shops.
  • Smokestacks, Bugles, Racks, Cyclone, Ducting, Industrial Exhaust Fans and Blowers.
  • Shearing, Rolling and Bending; Dishing and Flanging services.
  • Fabricated Rolled Steam or Condensate Pipes.
  • Water Spray Ponds.
  • Distillery equipment and facilities – Distilling columns, Bubble caps, etc.
  • Project Engineering and Management.
  • Plant erection, Machinery and equipment installation – contract and/or cost plus.
  • Domestic and International Trading:

A. TAM S.r.l. (Italy) Hydraulic Hook-lift
B. BONEL Mfg. (Australia) – Farm implements and Cane Harvesters (chopped/whole stalk)
C. Copper and Stainless Tubing (all sizes)
D. Hydraulic Platform Truck Dumpers (Tippers)
E. Special Steel Application – heat and abrasive resisting plates, high tensile up to 155,000 PSI tensile strength, mill shaft and other special application steel.


  • Foundation Works and Structural Steel Works
  • Concrete Pre-casting, Pre-stressing, Post-tensioning and Erection
  • Mechanical Works Related to Conveyor Systems and Other Bulk Handling Machines
  • Process Equipment – mining, sugar, cement, distillery, bottling among others

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